Farid Shahidi is the sole proprietor of Wood’n'I, established in 1986 in Sydney, Australia.

He graduated as an Interior Architect with vast knowledge of Furniture Design and Furniture Making. During his tertiary studies he was fortunate to have gained practical experience in his father’s factory, guided and surrounded by professional masters in varied fields of furniture production.

Since he moved to Australia he worked for several design firms all while studying as a post graduate student in ‘Design Studies’ at the University of Technology Sydney.

The extension of his studies as well as  his working experience as a designer accorded him greater expertise in different aspects of antique furniture, history of design, detailing, materials, hardware, polishing and more.

Farid now employs his extensive array of skill and knowledge in his work-of which includes: Interior Designing for homes and commercial properties as well as an exceptional mastery in the restoration of Antique and Fine pieces of Furniture.

At Wood’n'I we can confidently assure your satisfaction in our services and the highest level of proficiency in all your furniture needs.